ArcTanGent festival and 7BitArcade announce Stage Partnership

First of all, this post has been a long time coming. We have a banner now and everything for our stage. It’s too much. it’s far too much. 


We’re very humble here at 7BitArcade so being granted a stage partnership was huge news for us as it cemented a milestone in our timeline that we had long been working towards. 7BitArcade has been running for 3 years now, and hosting a festival stage was pencilled in as a significant goal right from the start. So now that we are here, and we have that stage. What the fuck are we going to do? That’s a lie, we know exactly what we are going to do with every band who are playing the stage. Sessions bitch. Plus, with this news, 7BitArcade have decided to invest not just in equipment (3D cameras guys) but in getting some familiar faces along to help us on our journey to said math-rock utopia.


Video at ATG

Last years video coverage was incredible and we were so lucky & honoured to be asked to film the official promo video for ArcTanGent. This year, we will be doing more than that; so much more. If you spot us walking around with cameras, put on a show. Get involved in and be part of the documentary that we are shooting on the festival. 2014 will also be the year of sessions. The life changing Arcane Roots session from last year made team 7Bit realise that we are really damn good at shooting close ups of bands with guitars; Extreme zoom in on those fingers strumming is our speciality.


Team along for the ride

On the back of his incredible video work for The Math Rock Blog, we have asked Zarif Miah to join the 7BitArcade crew to do off the cuff, off the wall video segments with you the crowds and hopefully every band under the sun. Zarif is far too friendly for his own good so he will probably end up being fed rum all weekend by the 7Bit editorial team. If you missed his videos from last year, then why not re-find yourself this Monday with one of his best.

As well as Zarif, we have upped the number of photographers and video team roaming the site.

Last year, we had a huge amount of success with the 7BitArcade news segments that went live after each day of the festival. For those at home, it was a chance to see what they were missing at the festival; a combination of real news, parody and bands acting like heroes made sure that 7BitArcade news was a turning point in video and an idea that we are working on to turn into a weekly series. 

To celebrate that fact, at ArcTanGent this year we are pleased to add Andy Crowder, or Sir Musical Mathematics to the news team who will be joining team 7BitArcade as a guest host. Musical Math are known far and wide for their incredible coverage of everything math-rock so we are pumped to have Andy on board to dry wit his way to success on the news team. 

So if you see a lanyard with the 7BitArcade logo on, pose nicely for them as you may end up being in the official gallery of the event or even in upcoming videos!

ArcTanGent is nearly here. We’ll be there. 

New blood aplenty

The past few months have seen 7BitArcade grow massively in numbers with new writers applying to the site at least 3-4 times a week. It’s great news and is something that all of us here find really encouraging and exciting, mainly as it means they may have heard how we treat writers different in an Internet writing world where writers are expected to write for free with little or no return. So first, let’s chat about that.


How 7BitArcade progresses our team

Since the website started back in 2011, 7BitArcade has established a tradition of progressing everyone that has decided to write, podcast or product video for the site. We make sure that we are always giving constructive feedback to our writers and are always working to make sure that we are handling their every need. It doesn’t just end there though. Our writers are guided through ever stage of their 7BitArcade career with opportunities to realise their end goal always suggested, e.g. the opportunity to cover a festival, to interview artists for university projects etc. When it comes to video, we see it the same way. Over the past year, we have carefully and precisely charted out course into the world of video production with small projects here and there before attacking our full 360 degree coverage of ArcTanGent festival last year. since then we have covered Great Escape festival for the third time producing divine music sessions as well as small documentaries/vox pops on the festival. This year, we intend to push ahead with our video magazine show idea, but as stated earlier, small steps that are precisely trodden.

Welcome Newbies

It’s crazy that with the introduction of Slack, our writer retention and enthusiasm has increased massively. It might be half down to that, half down the pure intensity and love that our new writer base has for all of the mediums on the site. New writers will always bring a fresh burst too any website as well as making sure that those who have been languishing get a kick back into gear.

So let’s say hello to our new writers. 

Hello to…

Aaron Kent

Alice Priestly


Ben Gray

Dominic Carp

Email Waddell

Fran Hartley

Jack Cooper

Jacob Petterson

Jake Green

Lydia Ross

Mike McGourley

Trey Douglas

Zac Curran

What a great load of people.


Hey Tumblr, sorry it has been so long

We have neglected Tumblr a lot recently. It wasn’t meant to be this way! We’re sorry home of animated Gif’s and Supernatural fans but we just got caught up in progressing the pursuit of exclusive music. Tough times there it really is; Swept away by post rock. Beaten up by shoegaze. Is that the right way around? Who knows. Either way, Tumblr we are back and so much has happened since we last chatted. 


Games are back! TV & film are making their debut whilst Professional Wrestling is a field we are dabbling in. All of this swings the pendulum of thought to one question. Why is 7BitArcade returning to a content medium that it dropped a few years past?

It’s pretty simple really

We have always loved games and we believed the time was right to slowly bring the medium back in to complement the quality music writing that we were & are creating. The video game market is changing all the time and we have got content creators on board who appreciate this; they appreciate that video content should be done without pretension but with a pure unadulterated love for the games they are playing. it’s a refreshing outlook on the genre that we all know and love. 

The plan is to build on a strong history of video game journalism and make sure that all of our writers will be appreciated for the work that they do.  

So what about the music?

The music will never stop and there is no way in hell that we will let the quality of music writing drop. Instead we have actively been recruiting a number of top quality writers and video content producers to help with the next stage of 7BitArcade music. More on that in the near future. 

Who is where and doing what

All change please. All change. 

Since we last spoke, Adam Libonatti-Roche has dropped back from being a  co-owner of the site and is now in charge of business & development due to taking the role of Tech Editor at The 405, hence making Jonathan Dadds the owner of 7BitArcade.

Natt Day remains as Editor & Track of the Day and Antony Lusmore continues to head up Band of the Day whilst also taking a firm grip on the Pro Wrestling section. 

After working on the ArcTanGent project in 2013, Michael Williams has become our head of video production and will head up a number of huge projects that we are working on for 2014-2015. 

That’s it for today. We will have more over the next week. 7BitArcade out. 

7BitArcade at Great Escape 2013

It comes with great pleasure to say that 7Bit will be attending Great Escape this year and we are teaming up with some great promoters to put on a day of music that we guarantee will be THE closing night to the festival.

Great Escape is a big deal in the music world and at 7Bit, we believe that as a festival, it offers the most in regard to promotion for the website and for all of us, as individuals. 7Bit has always wanted to expand it’s arms to include as many people, companies, groups as possible, so for Great Escape we found the best guys to tag along with.

Bad Math and Fools Paradise are both prominent in gig promotion in Brighton and London so it’s a pleasure for us to be sponsoring this event. Bad Math put on their first Brighton gig in 2012 but since then, they have put on bands including Doctrines, Wot Gorilla and This Town Needs Guns; All great bands. They have an eye for great new music, just like we do here at 7Bit and a lot of their bands have been featured as a 7Bit band of the day.

Fools Paradise have put on some huge bands; Bear Calvary, Tellison, My First Tooth have all made an appearance on their lineups alongside an eclectic mix of other artists. This will be the first time 7Bit has teamed up with Fools Paradise and we are totally looking forward to it.


Last year, 7Bit teamed up with Alcopop records for the Friday night to end all Friday nights at the PAV TAV, or Pavilion Tavern to those who want the full name. What occurred was one of the purest forms of party and good music at Great Escape, an evening that was not preceded by any bullshit whatever; something that SXSW can’t even say it adheres too. 


The lineup for the all-dayer is huge and it’s all for free. Headlined by We are the Physics, they math pop band are joined by the following:

  • Wot Gorilla
  • Flamingods
  • Hold your horse is
  • Olympians
  • Playlounge
  • Joey Fourr
  • Our Lost Infantry
  • Pirate video company
  • Stephen from Tellison

If you are not convinced already by the cracking lineup, come sign up to the 7Bit party on facebook.

New Branding, New Era

There has been a rumbling around 7Bit towers recently; The rumbling that something big was coming, something that was going to change how 7Bit looks,works and appeals to our audience. 

We have had branding and a name that feels more at home in the gaming scene than in the music/lifestyle medium but we have been working on changing this for the past 4 months with the results finally being announced over the weekend. 

So why the logo design?

I have taken the explanation given to us directly by our designer

The identity primarily uses the 7 icon but where necessary the type can be paired with the logo.

The use of the word ‘seven’ rather than the number is suggested to add a more even feel to the type. I feel it also works better for the brand giving an emphasis on the written word rather than a mathematical symbol and therefore being more about written media. 

It is an exciting time for 7Bit, and the above logo is an example of a sub brand, as we do intend to not stay with just music permanently but that’s a long way away. :D

We hope you like logo and to announce it we made this sick ass video.

The Importance of Writers

Over the past week or so, I have been creating a team page for the writers, artists, photographers and everyone who does something for 7Bit. It brought to my attention the grand scale and the talent of everyone I currently work with or used to work with in such a way that it made me write this blog post.

Without a team, it’s hard to even comprehend where you are going to start out when it comes to planning out one’s aim with a business let alone a website. 7Bit has always been run professionally, but with professionalism doesn’t come the need to sacrifice all morals and the urge to have compassion for who you work with. I make it known that each individual who writers for 7Bit gets treated like a member of the family because at the end of the day, everyone you employ, everyone who helps out becomes a muscle in the beating heart of your business. It’s also the reason why that all applicants, whatever their role, must fit a specific personality type to even fit into the puzzle that is 7Bit.


The idea of family is very important to me; Treating others how you wish yourself to be treated. It’s why we hold events for all of our staff every couple of months. It’s way to show that we appreciate what they do for us as it’s all done for the love of music and for the chance to showcase their ability to the world. Be it there may be potholes along the way ( deadlines potholes ) but that’s life isn’t it. I’m proud that we have such a small turnover of staff and that after being live for nearly two years, 7Bit has a team that is close knit.

Your staff are the most important part of your business; Keep your staff happy then who knows what the future might bring.

Looking forward to 2013


Happy New Year to everyone first of all. Over the past  few months, 7BitTowers has been a place full of excitement and drive due to the buzz that we are attempting to create in 2013. All the gears have been churning and all the midnight oil has been burnt whilst we have been trying to subjugate the best of our imaginations.

7BitArcade has been around for over 3 years now in various forms, so after years of chameleon like behaviour, it is finally time to settle and begin our ascendancy as one of the top music magazine sites. Music is a tough market to crack as there are millions of other reputable sites out that deserve attention but over the next 12 months, we believe that 7Bit will become a service that you will not be able to do without.

Top of our lists are more events that you the lovely public can come too, so expect gig promotion to top our agenda as well as being more accessible in a local way. Teams of reviewers are being formed in each of the major cities in the UK so we can cover as many gigs as possible whilst providing a face to the site that is physical and not just an email.


We aim to be at as many festivals next year as possible with our 7Bit flag, so if you see it whilst trooping around a muddy campsite, feel free to come on other and instigate conversation. If you do so, it will be highly likely that we will attempt to ply you with alcohol; It’s just the way we are. As well as a superb community atmosphere, we will be bringing our superb festival coverage to the countryside as we are pleased to announce that we have a video team worthy of bringing down Spielberg, Bay and Anderson. Wes Anderson, not that turdwrangler who makes the resident evil movies. Expect some fantastic documentaries from us this year as we pry into the music industry and give bands the sort of coverage that you would expect from the top level sites.

Hands across the world

Content is not all we are pursuing next year; We intend to reach out to those blogs and sites like us as 2013 is the year of the community here. Our aim is to harness the technology that 2013 will become famous for and use it make 7Bit the best music service across all internet space; We already have a huge community on the new myspace. YOLO.

Change is good. Change can be the difference between going under or finally succeeding. With 2013, 7Bit believes that a small amount of change and a lot of ideas will do us good. As with most things, we can’t give too much away at the moment, but the snippets I have mentioned above are only a small part of the community we are creating. It will be an adventure but sadly, it won’t be with Finn & Jake.




Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation looks so much like my thing. At a glance, it doesn’t seem too different from the other Assassin’s Creed games that weren’t my thing, but:

  1. This shiz is portable (PS Vita)
  2. I really like that Ubisoft went with a non-traditional heroine, Aveline de Grandpré, the daughter of a French merchant and an African placée bride

These GIFs (resized from these awesome images) come from the developer diary video Ubisoft put out today.

Preorder: Assassin's Creed 3: LIberation
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